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  • 聯合新聞網 | 大陸PMI下滑 滬港股重挫 - 滙豐控股昨(21)日公布8月中國製造業採購經理人指數(PMI)初值,一反連升態勢降至50.3,是三個月來最低,暫時中止先前的擴張之勢。滙豐大中華區首席經濟學家屈宏斌認為,大陸經濟持續復甦,但動力已放緩。
    50 minutes ago
  • Words From a Patient Who Got a Second Chance - Some months ago, on her blog Anchas Alamedas, blogger Solentiname started to share the different stages she's gone through, since the moment she found a lu...
    1 hour ago
  • Australian MP Back-Pedals Insults to Chinese - Australian mining magnate and parliamentarian Clive Palmer made shocking comments this week that have been condemned by both Australian and Chinese officia...
    3 hours ago
  • 拉丁美洲的世界盃課題 - 每當世界盃在拉丁美洲舉辦時,總伴隨著各種社會亂象。本文是一系列研究世界最大型足球賽事和政局動盪關係的第二篇連載。
    2 days ago
  • Protests - I've been following protests in Taiwan with a great deal of sympathy for the students, admittedly lukewarm support for the details of their cause, and trem...
    4 months ago
  • Two Cheers for Hu and Obama - The messy resolution of the Chen Guangcheng case, with the blind lawyer and rights advocate in Chinese custody and encouraged to apply to study in the Unit...
    2 years ago
  • 台灣退步八十年 - 高雄市立美術館,在2011年4月,展出收費展覽「藝漾眷戀:莫迪里亞尼與他的朋友」。其中一幅三點全露的抽象裸女畫「瘦長的大裸女像(1917)」,原先被高美館拿來做文宣、海報、看板、廣告的主題。只因為有高雄市有幾隻家長,表達了不妥意見,高美館於是在開幕急撤此畫的主題廣告。
    3 years ago